Aug 012012

In this study Hot Spices Influence Permeability of Human Intestinal Epithelial Monolayers the scientists tested the effect of various spices on intestinal permeability and found that paprika and cayenne pepper ( together with chili part of the Solanaceae family, capsaicin being the active component) increase intestinal permeability so could contribute to leaky gut. 

On the other hand  intestinal permeability did not increase by  black or green pepper (Piperaceae), bay leaf  (Myrticaceae) or nutmeg (Myristicaceae). Does that mean that you are OK to go overboard with black pepper? I wouldn’t say so. 

In Effect of red pepper and black pepper on the stomach they found that 1,5 grams of black or red pepper cause stomach mucosa injury similar to 2 grams of aspirin. Despite the study looked at stomach only, similar effect could be expected in the small intestine. 


photo credit: svenwerk via photo pin cc

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