Jun 012012

Today we will have a look at the evidence linking leaky gut syndrome and coffee.

In this study: The impairment of gastroduodenal mucosal barrier by coffee the authors concluded that “coffee may damage gastroduodenal mucosa in habitual coffee drinkers.  In a time period of 48 hours the gastroduodenal mucosa is capable of a significant regeneration.”

This is consistent with my experience – if I dring it along with some foods that can cross the intestinal epithelial barrier (gluten, lactose, fructose) triggered my symptoms.

It is surprising to see that the medical researchers fail to recognise this effect and allow for consumption of it in studies that involve leaky gut testinglike these:

Different intestinal permeability patterns in relatives and spouses of patients with Crohn’s disease: an inherited defect in mucosal defence?

In all three studies the abstract states that “the subjects were only allowed to drink water, black coffee, or tea” or something similar.

Even more shocking is that if the people participating in the test did follow the doctor’s advice and did drink it they might have gotten their original condition worse.

Some sites link the mechanism of increasing intestinal permeability to caffeine content however I believe the mechanism is more complex than just that. I did have reaction to coffee and black tea but not to green tea and coke.

I chose to live without coffee and black tea. It definitely helps to keep my gut barrier in better shape. If you cannot quit at least do not eat wheat and milk within 48 hours after you had one.


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  1. For me, even just a hint of coffee puts me in the wired zone usually for 8-16 hours, especially if I have gone without in 24 hours. After that, I am feeling great and mood improved and funny (sexually aroused as well), but by day two, the coffee seems to do nothing just make me irritable and the taste left in my mouth which is resinating from my stomach smells/tastes like old coffee grinds for SEVERAL hours. It then seems that my adrenals got over stimulated from the caffeine boosts and then I am a complete zombie for days; begging for 16 hours of sleep if I could get it. Coffee enemas seem to hit me ‘weirdly’ too and I am wired a bit from them…

  2. I find coffee (swiss water decaf, or caffeinated) makes me feel almost like i’m stoned. Not wired at all, but as if too much movement around me becomes chaotic.

    Anyone else notice this?

  3. I do not think drinking coffee will necessarily cause a leaky-gut situation. I believe the individual must posibly already having issue with the intestinal gut area, meaning that that their intestinal lining is/was already in a poor condition. The particular study, it was not stated the conditions of the subjects before they started the test. If the info is available please provide details.

    I believe a change in diet like increasing intake or good quality filtered water (around 2 lits per day) plus increase intake of fibre, fruits and veggies and supplementing with pre & pro biotics will prevent leaky-gut and possibly reverse the condition. Time span for results will depend on theindividual.

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