Nov 292012

When I started to look into the topic of leaky gut syndrome I quickly learned that the community is somewhere between fragmented to non existent. No dedicated forum, only several threads scattered across multiple sites. That being despite the fact that autoimmune diseases for which leaky gut syndrome seems to be common cause for may have sufferers that count in millions. 

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One of the goals I have for this site is to pull together the people that have experienced leaky gut syndrome themselves and provide them with tools to share the knowledge they have. This is specifically important since leaky gut syndrome is not an accepted diagnosis by the medical practice and consequently limited help can be expected from mainstream healthcare.
As a response to this gap I am launching the Questions and Answers site where you can post questions, answer questions and get answers from other members of the community. I encourage you to ask questions about any symptom, related illness, cure options or any other topic you are interested about, you are seeking opinion on, you would like to know the experience of other sufferers. You can also vote on questions, answers, comments in order to give feedback other members on the quality of their contribution and in order to help direct the conversation.

If you find a blog post or a particular question interesting feel free to share it with whoever might benefit from the information. Link, tweet, like on facebook, google+. By doing the we can raise awareness of leaky gut syndrome and get acceptance in the mainstream healthcare. Also, the more visibility the site gets the more chances are that the community will reach critical mass required for questions and answers to keep momentum.
Also, feel free to give me feedback if other community tools (wikipedia, forum …) would be beneficial, I am open to developing the functionality of the site further.


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