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leaky gut psoriasis

Let's have a look at couple of studies linking psoriasis with leaky gut syndrome.

In this study Intestinal permeability in patients with psoriasis the authors measured intestinal permeability of 15 psoriatic patients and 15 controls. Found consistently increased intesinal permeability in the patients with psoriasis concluding:


“The difference in intestinal permeability between psoriatic patients and controls could be due to alterations in the small intestinal epithelium of psoriatics“.

In this study Medical Nutrition Therapy as a Potential Complementary Treatment for Psoriasis – Five Case Reports five psoriasis suferrers were put on a  diet eliminating processed foods (although grains were included). In two intestinal permeability was exceeding normal values at the beginning of the study. In all 5 cases both gut barrier function (as measured by intestinal permeability) and psoriasis improved.

This study Rapid Regression of Psoriasis in a Coeliac Patient after Gluten-Free Diet describes specific case of a psoriasis improvement after a coeliac disease diagnosed patient went on a gluten free diet.

This study Small Intestinal Permeability in Dermatological Disease did not find leaky gut  (found normal levels of intestinal permeability) in majority of test subjects (over 100 tested ) suffering from psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis herpetiformis.  Could it be that Leaky gut is contributing to portion of psoriasis cases but may not be present in all of them?

This study Malabsorption in psoriatic patients: Cause or consequence? is linking malabsorbtion (leaky gut?) found in 60% of psoriatic patients to celiac disease, but bacteria overgrowth and parasitic infections.

Psoriasis as a consequence of incorporation of beta-streptococci into the microbiocenosis of highly permeable intestines (a pathogenic concept) lists leaky gut as a key factor in development psoriasis.

One more single case report: After I realised I might have leaky gut I went on a gluten free diet and apart from other symptoms disappearing the psoriasis cleared completely. Even on nails where it is considered not curable. When I told my dermatologist he had no clue. What a disconnect between science and real life medecine.

Image: 'French Nails'

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  1. I had been diagnosed with psioratic arthritis and psoriasis of the hands, elbows and sometimes around my eyes – I decided in Nov. of 2011 to research and find the root cause of my situation. I went on a healthy eating regimen, no processed foods, no “white” rice, sugar, flour and also went to a homeopathic practitioner who helped me with digestive wellness.He stated that 70% of the immune response sits in the lower stomach and upper bowel and I could great results if I concentrated on healing my stomach. Additonally, I went to Canada and had a live blood analysis done by a licensed nutritionist who had done his thesis on leaky gut. My profession, a lab technologist was used to seeing “blood” but I could not believe how much “sludge”, microcytes and yeast were running around my plasma! Long story, but excellent results! I am psoriatic free!!!! No recurring pain, no skin condition.

    • Very similar to my story, going off processed food was the right thing to do, congratulations on the results!

    • As a psoriatic, I am very interested in your approach to find a cure. I am really interested in what kind of testing would be appropriate. Also should I consult some particular type of health care practitioner to assist?

    • Linda – thats great to hear! Ive had Psoriasis for the last 10 years and its starting to get worse. Can you recommend me a health practitioner in NYC that you went to?

  2. Wow, this post is nice, my younger sister is examining these things, thus i’m going to let know her.

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